5 Different Types of Channel Letter Signs for Business

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In order to survive a highly competitive industry, businesses are always trying to find ways to remain visible. Regardless of the industry you’re in, custom signage is still one of the top choices when it comes to marketing. Adding a sophisticated, attention-grabbing custom sign such as channel letter signs will boost your visibility in Houston, TX.

What Are Channel Letters?

Custom channel letters are a combination of three-dimensional letters, numbers, or characters that make up a sign. Usually made of metal or acrylic, they are often used as storefront or lobby signs. They also have lighted and unlit options.

5 Type of Channel Letter Signage

  1. Front-Lit / Standard

Front-lit letters, also called standard letters, emit light from the front face of the characters and logo of the signage. These LED channel letters keep your sign vibrant and bright during the day, attracting more customers. You also enjoy visibility at night, maximizing your business exposure

  1. Reverse Lit / HaloLit

Reverse lit signs emit light from the back of the characters and logo of the signage. It is also called “halo lit,” as the backlighting creates a soft glow or a halo effect. Made with metal and aluminum, this is a great option if you want a classy and sophisticated look for your custom channel letters. 

  1. Open Face

If you want a brighter and more vibrant letter sign, open face signs are a great choice. Instead of metal and aluminum, these LED channel letters are made fully out of clear acrylic. It is illuminated the same way as halo lit signs; however, due to the acrylic design, it lights up much brighter in comparison.

Because of the clear acrylic material, the LED lights are visible from the inside of the sign. This creates a neon sign effect that gives your sign a unique look.

  1. Front-Lit&Back Lit/ Combination

Do you want your sign to be visible 24hrs a day and still have that halo effect? Combining both front-lit and reverse-lit features is possible. This is a great choice for those who really want to make a statement using their signs. 

Take your sign to the next level by using different colors for the front and backlighting. While it is the costliest among the different types, this option is guaranteed to make your sign pop and give you the best visibility.

  1. Specialty Channel Letters

Simply put, this type of sign is made to fit specific client needs. It can range from doing different vibrant colors per character to adding dramatic LEDs, different colored acrylics, and more. Since channel letter signage is very customizable, any type of design you envision is a possibility.

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