5 Tips for Making a Lobby Sign That Gives the Right First Impression

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We’ve heard the popular quote “first impressions last.” It’s still used all the time because there is a lot of truth behind it, especially in business. Your customer’s first impression of your business matters. Signage plays a crucial role in building that positive first impression.

Say Hello with Lobby Signs

While outdoor signs are often the first thing customers see of your brand, their actual experience begins when they go through the doors. Lobby or reception signs are one of the first things they see when they come in.

Making sure that customers feel welcomed with the right lobby digital signage is an important step in making that first impression. It can set the tone of the entire customer experience.

What Makes an Impressive Custom Lobby Sign?

A well-designed office lobby sign is the first step in building great customer relationships. Here are five tips on how to leave a lasting impression:

Brand It Well

A lobby sign that reflects your brand is an effective way to set yourself apart from other businesses. It allows you to show why you are different, and thus the more preferred choice in the industry.

Set an Atmosphere

Customers often have expectations of what your business is before they walk into your space. Making sure you set the right tone with office lobby signs can make visitors feel more comfortable coming in.

Keep it Simple

While it’s tempting to impress customers with an overly designed lobby custom sign, it may just be too much to handle. An overwhelmed and confused customer is not what you want at the start of your interaction.

Keep your sign clutter-free and readable at a glance. Include important details, such as your company name and logo. Avoid too many design elements that may hinder visitors from getting your message.

Share Your Story

Customers appreciate getting to know who they are doing business with. It builds their trust and confidence in your company.

Let your office lobby signs tell your story. Share your history, service commitments, as well as the achievements you’ve gathered over the years. It can be a fantastic selling point that makes customers want to do more business with you.

Be Consistent

Consistency is an important part of building brand recognition and recall. Your lobby’s digital signage should match the theme of your interior to ensure a seamless business aesthetic.

If you have more than one location in Houston, TX, make sure that all your lobby custom signs are the same to avoid confusing customers.

Make a Bold Statement with Vital Sign Solutions

Looking for a full-service sign company that you can trust? Our team at Vital Sign Solutions is committed to providing you quality sign solutions. Making a great first impression is our specialty, and we are ready to deliver high-performing custom lobby signage for your Houston, TX business.

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