About Us

Who Are We?

We are Vital Sign Solutions, a sign company in Houston and nearby areas is committed to customer service and product quality. We want you to be completely satisfied with your finished product and see us as more than a sign business; we want to be your trusted marketing & advertising partner.

Our president, Raul Lema, has a background in Mechanical Engineering and has worked to solve problems throughout his career.  Working in manufacturing and operations, he has learned what it takes to deliver high-quality customer service and products valued from purchase to daily operational utility.  In addition to building technical solutions, he has worked with businesses to develop their products, services, and branding.  Now he is excited to embark on a new journey to build advertising and marketing solutions through signs and promotional products for his customers.

, Vital Sign Solutions
, Vital Sign Solutions

Our “Vital Values”

The Five Rs are the heartbeat of our business: 


We strive to form lasting relationships with our clients through impeccable service and guaranteed product satisfaction. Trust must be earned for loyalty to develop.


We dedicate ourselves to meeting your deadlines and project standards. We provide innovative solutions to meet your business needs.


To stay on the pulse of your business, Vital Sign Solutions must be timely in our responses and production schedule.


As a part of our community, it is our responsibility to contribute and be active within our industry and our local community.


We know the bottom line is where your business lives or dies, and we want our products and services to provide long-lasting value and business growth.

, Vital Sign Solutions

Our Vital Sign Process

We follow standard fabrication and manufacturing processes and incorporate Lean Six Sigma.  Six Sigma has been utilized in large corporations to identify process gaps and quality issues throughout process and product developments.  Although we are a lot smaller, we strive to improve our internal processes to deliver high-quality products to our clients.  We also want to help our clients improve their overall marketing and advertising with our products and services. 

, Vital Sign Solutions