Choosing the Right Size for Your Custom Building Signs.

Exterior Building Signs for Business

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Not all business signs are made the same. Unfortunately, some of them are designed using generic templates with little to no consideration of your company’s branding requirements, target market, or marketing goals. Don’t waste your money on these! To get ahead of competitors and be successful, you must invest in custom-made building signs that are specifically curated to meet your unique business needs. Apart from strategic design elements, the dimensions of your sign also play an important role in their overall efficacy. Listed below are a few things you must consider when getting the right signage solutions for your company.

What is Your Branding Strategy?

To get the best building signs in Houston, you should always look at who your brand is and what makes it different from others. These qualities will help you identify the correct signage dimensions that put your brand’s best foot forward. For example, if your company has a contemporary and minimalist image, your commercial signs should not look too overpowering in a way that contradicts your trademark qualities.

How Far Do You Want Your Building Signs to Be Visible?

This part can be quite tricky since a lot of technicalities are involved. Luckily for you, Vital Sign Solutions has the experience and equipment to identify the ideal letter height, panel dimensions, and other critical details for optimal readability in various angles. We also use a special formula to determine the maximum visibility distance of your preferred designs. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more.

What Kind of Custom Building Signs Are You Planning to Invest in?

Whether you have a definitive plan or are completely clueless about the signage type that works best for your company, you can always count on Vital Sign Solutions to guide you in the right way. Do you want to pique the interest of potential customers from miles away? We highly recommend that you invest in tall pylon signs that tower over other surrounding structures. Do you want to get the attention of people walking by? We suggest getting colorful window decals and graphics that complement the dimensions of your storefront.

Where Can I Find the Best Building Signs in Houston, TX?

Vital Sign Solutions is among the top-rated local sign companies in Houston that specialize in producing custom visual communication solutions. We take pride in having a team of talented and passionate specialists that go above and beyond in every project that we work on.

Reach out to us today to learn more.