Custom Door Signs for Business

Eagle Dental amazing frosted glass door sign made by Vital Sign Solutions

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Door signs play an important part in welcoming employees and customers. They can direct visitors to the right department or let clients know business hours. In hotels, a door sign marks the proper destination.

Custom door signs or front door signs are not always posted on the door itself. They’re usually placed close to the door. ADA-compliant door signs must be written in uppercase characters and installed beside the door.

Purpose of Door Signs

Door signage comes in various shapes and sizes and can be made with different materials. It must reflect the industry or business you’re in — for example, law firms may use signage made with durable wood or brass as it signifies solidity. Better yet, consider including your business logo to maximize branding. Here’s what door signs can do.

Improve Navigation

Wayfinding door signs help clients and visitors know where to go, pointing them to the right office or space. You’ll often see this door signage in doctor’s or dentist’s offices or any co-share spaces. It’s a must for every business to post door signage or customers may never find you.

A door sign must be printed clearly to ensure clients can read them. It doesn’t just enhance navigation — a door sign improves customer experience. If a client or customer is confused or frustrated, they likely won’t return.

Indicate Business Hours

Ideal for restaurants or boutiques, front door signage can help increase foot traffic and generate more revenue for your business. It’s used to inform people of business hours. You can also use front door signage to announce offers or promotions to increase sales. Door signage can also be used to advertise events or any information for customers.

Add Decor

Attractive door signage such as door graphics, colorful paint, or wall murals can improve the look of your space. It’s a good way to create an interesting look or to simply attract a customer. The right decor can create an atmosphere and morale for employees.

If the purpose is to increase foot traffic, ensure you include any information (such as promotions or specials) to entice a customer to come inside.

Mark a Space

Door signage can point employees to the right department or office. It can be used to warn visitors and employees of any hazards. It may be necessary to make these signs ADA-compliant to help those with cognitive hearing or vision problems safely navigate the space.

Do You Need Office Door Signs in Houston, TX?

The types of door signs you can install include door plaques, nameplates, engraved door signs, and ADA signs. They can be made with metal, wood or brass, or any durable material. If you want to enhance a customer’s experience when visiting your commercial spaces, we suggest you work with a reliable and trusted signage company for help. And this is where we come in. Our goal is to help businesses design and create attractive signage that increases foot traffic. Call Vital Sign Solutions today.