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Hanging signs are a simple, affordable, and very effective way of capturing attention. At Vital Sign Solutions, we produce high-quality hanging business signs in Houston that blend your branding with advertising. Our years of experience and expertise designing signs guarantee high visibility and clear readability even from a distance. We will help you choose the right font, sizes, colors, and design. Our signs can be configured with virtually all types of mounts, ceiling brackets, sign frames, panels, and lighting kits to fit your business needs and stay within budget.

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Projecting Signs and Brackets

Projecting signs and brackets are a great business sign for a business trying to communicate stability and permanence. They are similar to typical outdoor hanging signs, but they do not swing in the wind. We offer a wide variety of materials to deliver highly customizable projecting signs and brackets.

If you want your projecting signs to reflect a classic feel, ornate iron brackets combined with wood and metal panels are great options. On the other hand, a PVC foam board cut cleanly to match your design preferences and attached to the wall using a minimalistic bracket will convey a modern commercial appearance to your business.

Don’t compromise on your aesthetic when it comes to the appearance of your hanging signs. Whatever you want for your Houston business, our expert sign team at Vital Sign Solutions can design, fabricate, and install it for you! 

Hanging Blade Signs

Attractive blade signs aren’t just for restaurants and bars. They can be customized to meet your brand’s requirements and send your message clearly to your customers. Strategically placed outside your business location to catch potential customers’ attention, blade signs can persuade them to enter your facility. At Vital Sign Solutions, we can provide a hanging blade sign for your business that uniquely represents your brand. We custom- build a variety of signs, personalized down to every last detail.

We use high-quality materials for sign fabrication. Our custom outdoor hanging signs are designed to withstand outdoor elements and will outlast those from other sign companies. Choose from solid timber, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC, and even cast polyurethane. Use LED lighting to complete the aesthetic.

Besides hanging signboards, we offer customized sign panels that come with versatile posts and brackets made from wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel. We will provide unique brackets that will compliment your panels and improve your hanging blade sign’s overall appearance.

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Indoor Hanging Signs

Contrary to popular belief that hanging signs are used only for outdoor advertising, signs can be equally effective when used indoors. Businesses deploy indoor signs hanging signs for various reasons: projecting consistent brand identity, highlighting promotions, providing directions, and other information.

Regardless of what you are looking to display, Vital Sign Solutions is ready to provide you the perfect indoor hanging signs that will fulfill your business goals. 

Vital Sign Solutions: Your Trusted Local Sign Shop for Hanging Signs in Houston

If you are searching for the “best sign company near me” in Houston, look no more! At Vital Sign Solutions, we bring years of experience producing personalized signage solutions for businesses of all types. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we have affordable solutions. Our consultants will conduct an on-site evaluation to understand your requirements better. Based on your branding and space available,we will craft a solution that will deliver positive results.

Our team fabricates and installs signs, making the entire process turnkey. We will keep you involved at every stage to ensure you are getting exactly what you wanted. Our sign experts will also recommend the best solutions if you want some changes in the design. If any of the existing signs need any repair or maintenance, you can rely on us to get them fixed in no time.

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