How to Make a Good First Impression with Well-Placed Lobby Signs

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Lobby signs are often how businesses can create a great first impression on their customers. However, when it comes to business, that first impression is crucial to making a lasting impression.

It is how you stay on top of the client’s mind in Houston, TX. This can affect your entire relationship with your customers. For this reason, it is important to make those first interactions count.

How can lobby signs in Houston create a positive first impression? Check out the tips below.

Identify your business.

Making a good first impression starts with introducing yourself to your customers. They should know who your business is the moment they walk into your space.

Your office lobby signs should clearly state the name of your business. This shows that you are a professional and legitimate company. It is also a great way of gaining your customer’s trust right off the bat.

Highlight your brand.

Your brand should be front and center of your reception and lobby signs. It is how you can set yourself apart from other businesses.

Build on brand familiarity as early as the first interaction. This can keep you top of mind in Houston, TX.

Choose the right materials.

According to studies, 68% of customers feel like signs are a reflection of the quality of a business’s products and services. Your custom lobby signs need to be made with the right materials to make a great impression.

There are different types of lobby signs that you can choose from to represent your business. You can choose to do a full wall mural that highlights your brand name. Acrylic is also great for a sleek and stylish look. When you want to make your sign pop, backlit lobby signs are also a good option.

Size and angles.

Office lobby signs that are visible to all visitors are a good way to make an impression. Make sure that your sign is the right size for maximum visibility. A sign that’s too small may be hard to read from a distance.

Check your reception and lobby signs from different angles as well. Make sure that its size and placement are not obstructed by a desk or other furniture.

Share your story.

One way to make a memorable visit is to share your story with your clients. Let them get to know your business more the moment they walk in. Your custom lobby signs can share your company history and the many accolades you have gathered over the years.

The more customers know who you are, the easier it is for them to remember you in the future.

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