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At Vital Sign Solutions, we craft the perfect real estate signs that help you generate buzz around listings and drive people to open houses. Find impactful ways to advertise your home, business, or land for sale.

Few businesses have as fierce competition as real estate. Staying competitive is an increasingly difficult task with a continually shifting financial landscape. To stay ahead, at you have to appeal to prospective customers, be a popular face in the community, and convey thorough professionalism.

You need signage that appeals to your prospective customers (and clientele) and impacts their buying decisions. A reliable and experienced sign partner can do precisely that for you.

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Custom Real Estate Signage

The most common signage solution for real estate agents is a yard sign. These signs provide the information that prospective clients need regarding the listing agent, the agent’s contact information, and often a unique selling proposition.

The signage helps form customers’ first impressions of both the agent and the property. An unprofessional, handwritten, or impersonal, big-box store home for sale sign has very little power to drive a customer to purchase what you’re selling. A custom-made sign from Vital Sign Solutions in Houston creates the impact you want to get the sales you need.

We custom fabricate all signage solutions to match your needs and goals. Custom signs build trust and confidence – extremely important in the real estate business. After all, a buyer wants to know that the person they’re dealing with is upstanding and has their best interests at heart.

We accept urgent and bulk orders for custom real estate signs and can have your signage ready in no time at all. Affordable pricing means you can install tens or even hundreds of signs around your community for maximum coverage!

Whether you need removable signage for up-scale homes or larger“ land for sale” signs, you can count on us for the right sign solution.

Real Estate Brochure Holders in houston

Have you ever wanted to know more about a home but didn’t want to call the agent to get a basic overview of the property? That’s a surprisingly common trend for a fair share of prospective clients.

Ensure your prospective buyers are not being turned away simply because they were reluctant to make a formal call to an agent. Get brochure holders and maximize interest in the property!

Having a brochure available for browsing homebuyers offers the opportunity to gather information about the home independent of an agent. Increase your lead generation potential and brand recall, too – by including your contact details on the brochure.

Our brochure holders are available in several configurations. Eye-catching, weather-resistant signage, they will help you promote your brand and business even when you are not on site.

Vital Sign Solutions creates a wide variety of real estate yard signs designed to attract more buyers and provide the information they need to decide to move forward in pursuit of the property.

Real Estate Signs, Vital Sign Solutions

Full-Service Sign Company in houston

Vital Sign Solutions is a full-service signage company catering to all of your signage needs! We have expert designers, fabricators, and installers ready to design the signs you need. As a full-service signage shop, we involve you in all aspects of your signage projects, starting from the initial design concept to installation.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your requirements. A representative will understand your needs, goals, and ideas. Based on that, we will be able to recommend the most cost-effective solutions for you. Our design team will create a ‘proof’ of your sign to give feedback on, allowing you to change any aspect of your project, including size, color, and design details.

Once you have approved your signage project, our fabrication team will bring your signage project to life. Vital Sign Solutions uses state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials to build quality signage.

We can also advise on potential permits required for sign installation. A team of professional installers will install the sign (if needed). 

Free Real Estate Sign Consultation

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We provide our real estate clients with personalized assistance and expert customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate signs are signage that is placed in heavy traffic areas creating large impressions about your brand. These signs can easily be placed outside a property, making it an effective advertising tool for your business. 

Most popular materials used for real estate signs are coroplast, Dibond, aluminum, Alumalite, and PVC. Typical large 4ft X 8ft real estate signs are MDO material with 4”X4” Posts. 

Placing and hammering a metal frame into the ground is the most important step, making the sign sturdy. Once the metal frame has been placed, attach the wooden post onto the frame.

Now, place the wooden frame horizontally on the vertical wooden post, securing it on the post and hang your sign from the post.

Post hole dig and place temp cement into the hole once the sign posts are set. 

The sign must contain information about your lot size,home office or branch information with the name of your organization or firm with brand logo and message.  Many states require a license number to be included. 

Real estate signs are cost dependent on material. Simple coroplast signs are around $20, while a more robust durable sign made from PVC would be $40-50 including the stake. 4’X8’ signs without installation are around $450 and $700 installed. 

Typical dimensions of real estate signs include 12″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x36″, and 4’X8’