Some of the Best Banners for Advertising

Banner by vital sign solution

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Banners are known to be one of the oldest forms of advertising. These signs have different functions depending on how they are used. Businesses prefer them because they are low-cost and effective means of promoting their products and services.

Custom banners are versatile solutions for all your signage needs. We provide end-to-end services to make sure that the banner for your business is nothing but the best for your brand. Here are some of the banner types that may be an option for your business:

Hanging Banners

These banners are often used indoors. We frequently see them hanging out at shopping malls, school fairs, and trade shows. They hang from ceilings maximizing visibility and grabbing the attention of visitors for things like promotions or event details.

Outdoor Event Banners

Aside from businesses, banners are also used to promote events. Since they are placed outdoors, these banners are made with strong materials to resist sun fading and withstand weather conditions. You may consider a mesh vinyl or a polyester fabric in choosing what material your banner will be made of.

Vinyl Banners

Made with lightweight materials, these banners have been the go-to option for most businesses. With the right color and design, they can be very noticeable to people who drive or walk by and can’t help but look at them. They are also reusable after a season’s promotion.

Retractable Banners

Commonly seen in seminar and convention venues where important details and reminders are printed. These roll-up signs can vary in size – one could be around 6 feet tall, and the other can be a tabletop retractable banner. Either size you select puts your business information and brand right in front of your customers.


Flags are another popular option for banners. They are also made of lightweight materials that easily go with the wind. They are also portable, economical, and roadside staples for businesses. These signs are often made with aluminum poles and polyester fabrics making them strong enough to resist sun fading and withstand the weather.

Get the Information You Need with a Consultation from your Banner Experts

Vital Sign Solutions provides high-quality banner printing services in Houston. Our team of experts will gladly assist you from banner design to installation. We will have our professional installers install your signs to make sure that your banners are perfect. We take pride in giving our clients top-notch service at all times. Contact us at 346-307-7557 to begin your journey with us.