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Show off the creative side of your business to customers and employees. Make a positive impact with custom wall murals and graphics from Vital Sign Solutions in Houston.

When utilized for commercial facilities, durable custom vinyl wall murals can turn a bland corridor into an interactive storyboard to showcase your corporate history, promote products or services, add motivational quotes, announce events by adding colors and excitement to otherwise blank walls.

An experienced team of signage experts at Vital Sign Solutions will expertly plan your custom murals, signs, and graphics to meet your goals. Businesses today also use mural wallpaper as wayfinding signage; to creatively strengthen the sales funnel; and improve employee morale.

Our team assesses your premises with wall murals and comes up with the best solutions to maximize branding potential in the space available.

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Personalized Wall Mural Designs

At Vital Sign Solutions, we produce custom three-dimensional wall murals. No two murals are alike, as each mural incorporates a unique design, your unique branding and messaging that appeals to your intended audience.

Our sign manufacturers only use high quality, durable vinyl from major manufacturers like 3M. We print impactful murals, wall lettering, and wall graphics that can highlight all sorts of messages and stories to strengthen your brand. The finished product is custom cut to make it truly eye-catching. Whether you are looking for large-format, breathtaking scenery murals to small cut wall decals to communicate a short message, we can do it all.

Removable wall murals are an excellent option for any space, and they can be removed whenever you need. Our superior craftsmanship and safe adhesives ensure that they leave no marks behind and can be easily replaced or updated with graphics that are most suitable for your new requirements, including promotions, announcing events, or seasonal changes.

Your Local Vinyl Wall Mural Company in houston

Not sure what will work for your brand? That’s what we are here for! Our team of talented graphic artists will create a great design suited for your business (or you can send us your own, of course). We are a full-service mural company in Houston. It means we eliminate the hassle of getting custom murals. Our team performs an onsite evaluation, takes measurements, and analyzes your overall decor to provide the best solution.

We use high-quality vinyl to ensure that your walls will get a premium and durable mural wallpaper with a stunning finish that will leave your customers in awe.

Houston Wall Murals, Vital Sign Solutions

Professional Vinyl Mural Installers

Installing vinyl signs and  wall murals is not a complicated task for someone who has experience doing it. Anyone can install small removable vinyl decals, but it is best to leave it to the professionals for a smooth, bubble-free finish when it comes to large format custom wall murals. Large vinyl sheets can be tricky to work with, and even a small mistake can spoil the mural’s overall appearance. Unfortunately, rips, tears, creases, and air gaps are not unheard of when people try to install large murals independently.

Trust Vital Sign Solutions, an experienced vinyl mural installation company in Houston, to carefully install your graphics. We can install even large wraps within a few hours without fuss.

Free Signs and Graphics Consultation

The experienced Houston sign and graphic professionals at Vital Sign Solutions strive to deliver the highest quality signage solutions to all clients. We seek to build a long-term relationship based on the quality of our hard work.

Choose from an extensive collection of indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, banners, and more. With our custom design service, you can never run out of choices! Our solutions are affordable, effective, and easy to order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As both are being used as wall decorations, the biggest difference between the two is where they will be placed and their purpose. Wallpaper is usually placed on the four walls of a room to act as a replacement for paint while a mural is often installed on just one featured wall in a room to act as a specific statement piece.

We make our murals from high-quality and durable vinyl to give an appealing final look. We also use safe adhesives that will not leave a mark behind when you want to upgrade or remove your mural.

Murals are used to make a blank wall into something engaging. Wall mural designs vary from tales of your business history, features of your products and services, motivational quotes, and even landscape designs.

Murals can serve multiple purposes. Aside from beautifying a space in your office, depending on its design, it can also be used as a promotional tool for your brand.

We only use high-quality vinyl to make sure that we provide only the best output to our clients. As much as we want to keep them for a long time without maintenance, some factors may affect their longevity. Contact us at 346-307-7557 to learn more.

As a full-service mural company, our team makes sure that we offer the best option that will maximize the branding of your business while keeping everything within budget. Call our team of experts at 346-307-7557 for a free consultation.

We provide our clients with complete service from consultation to maintenance. We do everything from large-format murals, and amazing scenery designs, to small wall decals to relay your brand intention, we got it all.

We at Vital Sign Solutions print our murals on high-quality vinyl for a stunning finish that will leave your clients in awe. Speak with one of our mural experts to learn more about our process.

Unlike small wall decals that anyone can install on a wall, wall murals must be installed by professionals. By doing this, the overall appearance of your mural is guaranteed to be tear, rip, and air gap-free. Call our team of experts at 346-307-7557 for a free consultation.

Unlike wallpaper which is often symmetrical or will repeat a set pattern, murals can come in different colors and designs and be completely asymmetric. They can also be used for promotional purposes, announcement boards, and even as a motivational wall. Murals can also be easily removed if you need to update or upgrade the look you are aiming for.