Why Commercial Truck Signs Are Your Best Solution

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The rise of the digital age has given businesses in Houston, TX, a lot of new ways to advertise. However, going out of the digital world may provide more rewards for your business.

Online ads rely a lot on targeting a person’s interest. However, commercial truck signs can attract the attention of a wide range of people, including those who may not even be thinking about your products.

What Are Commercial Truck Wraps?

Truck signs and wraps are used to change the entire appearance of your vehicle. This is done through digitally printed vinyl adhesives that are installed on the truck’s surface. You can virtually have any design that you want to make your business stand out.

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Truck Signs in Houston: A Worthwhile Investment

Here are some numbers to consider:

  • According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spent about 70 billion hours driving in the year 2019.
  • A typical trailer wrap can get an average of 10 million impressions per year, according to the American Trucking Association
  • A study by ARD Ventures says advertising through vehicles can generate up to 70 thousand impressions per day.

Looking at these details, we can say that commercial truck signs are an effective way to promote your business. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons:

  1. Extended Audience Reach

Whether you have a single truck wrap or an entire fleet, advertising through wraps lets you engage hundreds to thousands of people every month. A unique and eye-catching design can spark a person’s interest. This curiosity can lead to more inquiries and more business coming your way.

Wherever your truck goes in Houston, TX, you are able to get the attention of both motorists on the road as well as onlookers from the roadside.

  • Cost-Effective Advertising

Vehicle wraps are one of the most affordable ways to advertise. Online ads can cost up to $21 per thousand impressions. Fleet graphics, on the other hand, is only around 15 cents per thousand impressions.

Even with a single commercial truck wrap, you are looking at more savings compared to other forms of media. Your one-time investment can generate profit for your business for years to come.

  • Constant Brand Boost

Truck signs are the best way to build awareness for your brand. It consistently builds hype around your business whenever it is out and about. Highlight your brand name and logo on your trucks, and in no time, you will be top of mind in your industry.

Quality Truck Signs “Near Me”

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, truck signs in Houston can definitely add value to your business. Vital Sign Solutions is your top choice for high-quality truck signs that last. Let our team help you design signs that attract your audience and represent your brand well.

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