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Business signs are a crucial element of your overall marketing strategy. They are your partners in communicating your message to your customers. For this reason, it is important to choose a sign company that can deliver excellent products for your business.

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Are you searching for a dependable sign company in Houston, Texas? One that has expertise and years of experience supplying high-quality business signs?

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Vital Sign Solutions is the signage partner you need for all your interior and exterior commercial signs. What sets us apart from other Houston sign companies is the level of dedication that goes into each signage project. Our goal is to always deliver signs geared towards our clients’ satisfaction.  

Why Choose Us?

We will advise you on the right signs that meet your:
We aim to create Houston signs that elevate the overall quality of your branding. Our dedicated, talented, and hardworking team makes up our renowned sign company in Houston, Texas. We will research and strategize before building your signage. This way, we can incorporate not just your vision and branding requirements but also other essential design elements. This includes the right size and hues that will significantly impact your sign’s effectiveness. If you are searching for a trusted sign company “near me,” feel free to reach out!





In addition to high-quality signage, Vital Sign Solutions offers advertising solutions for your business to improve its bottom line. We pride ourselves on being on the pulse of your business!

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houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions

Our Products & Services

Interior Signs

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Commercial indoor signs help meet the expectations set by your exterior signs. Your interior design and branding strategy should be cohesive. This makes for a more harmonious ambiance in your facility.

You may need a combination of various indoor signs for your business. As your local commercial sign company in Houston, Texas, we are ready to help build your next Indoor Sign project.

Whichever industry you are in, interior signs help in many ways. Here are some examples:

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houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions


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Outdoor business signs represent your brand to the public. When strategically designed and expertly fabricated, exterior signs can:

According to the International Sign Association, having great interior signs is the top reason customers check out an establishment. This is especially true for establishments that they have never visited before.

That’s why you should invest in commercial outdoor signs that are attractive, eye-catching, impactful, and hardwearing. Vital Sign Solutions can help accomplish your goals and provide superior quality exterior signs like:

These are just some that we supply to help your business get noticed in Houston. Looking for a reliable sign company “near me? Look no further and contact Vital Sign Solutions. Our 5 Star ratings are a testament to our work as a local sign shop!

Custom Signs

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Are you interested in customized signage solutions to boost your company’s performance? Vital Sign Solutions can provide everything that you need and more. 

Our consultants and designers will transform your ideas and turn them into reality. They do this while implementing crucial branding elements. We will also help you sort out and choose the best signage specifications like:

This way, you can be sure that your signs are one-of-a-kind. Most of the time, our web visitors land here because they searched for “Custom Signs in Houston” or “Custom Sign Company in Houston.”

If you did the same, then let us assure you we can do all kinds of signage for your business. It will be a privilege to be your signage partner. Let’s talk!

houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

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Expand your advertisement reach and generate thousands of impressions each day through vehicle wraps and graphics. These signs function as mobile billboards. They introduce or reinforce your brand to a broader audience.

Vital Sign Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your vehicle signage needs. Depending on your business needs, we can supply:

Aside from your typical vehicle wraps, we also offer vinyl wrapping for other vehicle types. These can include: 

We only use premium quality vinyl to ensure that images, graphics, and text maintain a high resolution. This also enables the prints to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years to come.

Thanks to our expert installers and sign makers, wraps and decals are seamlessly applied to all the grooves and distinct features of your vehicle. 

Promotional Products

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Nothing promotes your brand like word of mouth. Promotional products take the power of word of mouth and put it into action. 

Whether it’s a branded keychain, hat, or bag, these can help your business. Having even one customer carrying your promotional items can make a difference. It’s as if they’re giving you and your business a good review without saying a word.

Getting your promotional merchandise out and about helps you build top-of-mind recall. It also helps you make a valuable impression on potential customers. 

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houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions
houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions


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As your local sign company in Houston, Texas, we know that every business has its own unique needs. For this reason, we offer a variety of services that can help you out:

Sign Repair

Whether it’s from bad weather or unforeseen accidents, your signs may need some special care. This ensures your signs always represent the high-quality standards you’ve set for your business.

There are many Houston sign companies around. However, we take pride in being the strategic and trusted sign company that delivers on our promises.

Graphic Design

Your signage isn’t the only business asset that needs professional design. You can count on our expert graphic designers to deliver whatever you need. Need help with your visual communications? Our team will be right there to assist you.

Sign Installation

We handle the tricky part to make sure your sign goes up in the most effective spot and stays up for its lifetime. We guarantee our sign installation for the life of your sign.

We serve businesses in Houston and surrounding areas. We continually strive to be the #1 Houston sign company and are here to understand your branding needs.

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We always aim to satisfy our client’s needs. As such, we start each process with a consultation. As one of the top sign companies in Houston, we have experienced sign makers in our team. During the consultation process, they can recommend sign options that can best help your business. This is also when we will set your expectations regarding the timeline and cost of your signs.

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Custom Design

Our expert designers will come up with a mock-up of your sign based on your specifications. Before starting the process, we always get your approval on the design.

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Expert Creation

Once you approve of the design, we start the manufacturing process. We only use top-of-the-line technology when making our signs. This ensures we get the best quality and results.

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Professional Installation

Our Houston sign company has a team of professional installers. They go on-site and help make sure your signs are installed properly. We install your signs as safely and efficiently as possible. We also try to avoid any disruptions to your clients and your business.

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Maintenance & Repair

We want you to enjoy the rewards of your signs for as long as possible. As such, we conduct maintenance and repair as needed. This includes replacing LED bulbs or repairing damages due to various elements.

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houston sign company, Vital Sign Solutions


Looking for a dedicated sign company “near me?” Our team at Vital Sign Solutions always wants to make sure that you are satisfied with your signage. We aim to create signs that leave your target audience equally impressed.

Whether you need signage as simple as a room identification sign or something as complex as a large-scale banner, we can help! Our sign company’s Houston team is ready and fully equipped to take on any challenge that you throw at us.

We are looking forward to having a long-term professional partnership with you. Call 346-307-7557 today to claim your free consultation with one of our seasoned signage specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are specially curated visual communication and marketing tools for your business. As your trusted signage partner, we take the time to learn about your vision, branding requirements, advertising needs, goals, budget, and customer’s preferences. We even conduct ocular inspections to better understand which designs, signage types, and installation styles will work best.

Business signs have many uses and applications. For example, outdoor signs help your establishment stand out from surrounding competitors, get the attention of passersby, reinforce your brand, and invite more potential customers to enter the facility. On the other hand, indoor signs heavily promote your products and services, improve the ambiance, assist in the purchase decision of customers, and more.

With strategic design, fabrication, and installation, your signs can effectively achieve your goals and generate profitable results. Here at Vital Sign Solutions, you can count on our signage specialists to work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that the final product meets or even exceeds your expectations.

A good sign is fabricated from top-grade materials and equipment. They should be designed according to your branding requirements, marketing goals, communication needs, vision, and target market’s preferences. The signs must be strategically installed to ensure that they generate as many daily impressions as possible. Lastly, your signage investments must complement your interior or exterior building design.

Vital Sign Solutions offers a wide variety of visual marketing tools. For indoor use, we have lobby signs, door signs, floor graphics, wall murals, and more. For outdoor usage, some of our favorites include storefront signs, window graphics, and real estate signs. Do you want to reach more leads in Houston and beyond? We also have high-quality vehicle wraps and decals.

As the name suggests, these signs are specifically built and affixed for long-term uses. A good example is monument signage. This typically lasts around ten years or more, with proper care and maintenance. Unlike window decals and banners that are frequently updated, monument signs don’t typically change since they only display your trademark. As a result, they often become familiar landmarks in your facility.

This pertains to signs that showcase digital media, such as animated texts, image slideshows, and full-color videos. Many businesses install them outside to get the attention of motorists. However, these can also be strategically placed within the facility to reduce wait times and keep customers entertained. On the other hand, touchscreen digital displays can be utilized as directories in large establishments.

Outdoor signs pique the interest of passersby, solidify your brand, and help you get ahead of competitors. On the other hand, indoor signs are visual communication tools that heavily promote your products and services, improve ambiance, and assist in customer service. Vehicle signs are used to efficiently promote your company while simultaneously performing daily errands within and beyond Houston. Lastly, tradeshow displays help your sales team during corporate events.

Interior signs help in running your business and ensuring that customers are properly assisted. For example, lobby signs get customers from the moment they step foot in your facility. ADA signs guide visually impaired individuals as they find their way inside the establishment in a convenient and safe manner. Book a consultation today to learn more about our other indoor signage solutions.