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Indoor and outdoor business signs are not just for advertising and branding purposes. Some are specially built and designed to support organizational functions, boost employee morale, amplify customer satisfaction, and more.

Bathroom signs are simple yet highly essential communication assets for commercial facilities in Houston. Their purpose is straightforward: to inform and guide people that specific areas can be used as restrooms. Restroom signs may also indicate that specific areas are intended for differently-abled people or individuals with infants.

Whatever types of bathroom signs your establishment in Houston needs, you can count on Vital Sign Solutions to design, manufacture, and install them in the best way possible.

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Custom Bathroom Signs That Complement Your Branding Strategy

Branding is not just about your trademark. It includes everything that represents who you are as a company and what makes you different from competitors. Even down the smallest design details and visual communication tools in your establishment matter.

Although one of the primary uses of bathroom signs is to provide assistance and convenience in your establishment, they should still coincide with your unique brand personality, competitive edge, and building design.

As your trusted signage partner, Vital Sign Solutions will help you with every aspect of the project, so it puts your brand’s best foot forward. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about our tailor-made unisex restroom signs.

Why Are ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs Important?

According to the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act, all business establishments in Houston must have accessibility solutions that help visually impaired individuals. Some of the design specifications include:

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Not having ADA restroom signs or failing to implement the strict designs mandated by law, your business can get into serious trouble. Aside from unsatisfied customers who will give negative reviews, the local government in Houston can also penalize your business in different ways. A few examples are issuing monetary fines and removing your certificate to operate.

In the same way, selecting the right sign company is also crucial to avoid these problems in the future. You certainly don’t want to waste your time and money on poorly made signs. The good news is that Vital Sign Solutions has the experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing them correctly.

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Your Reliable Source of High-Quality Restroom Signs in Houston, TX

Vital Sign Solutions takes pride in producing top-notch visual marketing tools for various companies. From using premium grade materials to implementing a customer-centric approach, we ensure that your indoor and outdoor signs are exceptional and long-lasting. Even though bathroom signs have a straightforward purpose, we still take the production process seriously because we understand their importance to your company.

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