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Vital Sign Solutions is one of the go-to sign companies of Houston-based entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of having high-quality and professional-looking outdoor signs that are cohesive with your branding strategy. Through strategic design, manufacturing, and placement, your signs will help achieve your business and marketing goals. We proudly use a range of premium quality equipment and materials to produce exceptional signs. With the help of our highly trained and skilled team, we are capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations and completing the projects right on schedule.

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Impactful and Attractive Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are one of the first things that potential customers see as they approach your establishment. These also represent your company to the general public. Given that these have such high importance, your storefront signs must be eye-catching, exceptionally made, and consistent with your brand image. Having all those qualities will help you gain a competitive advantage, attract customers, and instill your brand in passersby and motorists. As an effect, you will have more foot traffic and sales.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Channel letter signs have to be the most sought-after signage that entrepreneurs invest in. These three-dimensional signs are highly customizable and attention-grabbing, making them perfect to be used on the storefront. With channel letter signs, each element is custom made, giving you more freedom in choosing specific design elements such as styles, fonts, hues, sizes, graphic elements, and channel images.

If you want to take it up a notch, have your channel signs illuminated so that you can enjoy the benefits of round-the-clock advertising. Whether you want front-lit, backlit, or open face channel letter signs, our experts will produce them for you and according to how you want it done.

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Lighted and LED Signs

If your business is open until the evening or want your signage to be visible even during harsh weather conditions, opting for lighted and LED signs is the way to go. Back in the day, neon signs were commonly used to achieve this. However, more and more entrepreneurs switch to LED signs because they produce a more vibrant light, have more color and style options, and consume less energy than its counterpart. Thus, making LED signs a more economical and eco-friendlier alternative to neon.

Canopy and Awning Signs

Canopies and awnings beautifully and captivatingly enhance your storefront, making more people drawn to them. These multi-purpose outdoor signs are made from weather-resistant and durable materials that protect your customers waiting or dining outside the establishment from harsh weather conditions. In other words, investing in these will promote your brand and improve your customers’ experience. Although awnings and canopies have similar uses, they have differences as well. Awnings are permanent signs fixed on top of windows and doors. Canopies, on the other hand, are large free-standing coverings that are installed by windows and doors. Whichever you need, our Houston team is fully equipped to supply the best awnings and canopies for your business.

Monument Signs

Monument signs make a statement. They are installed outside the establishment at eye level to attract those walking or driving by. Since these have such a sizeable structure and build, monument signs are ideal for claiming the location, serving as a landmark, and making meaningful and lasting impressions to your target audience. Hospitals, universities, and big corporations are just some of the establishments that typically use these.

Pole Signs

If you’re looking for outdoor signage that will genuinely help your business stand out from others, investing in pole or pylon signs is the way to go. These are manufactured to tower over other signs and establishments, making them great for advertising either a single brand or multiple tenants. You can even add illumination to them if you want 24/7 advertising. Gas stations, shopping centers, malls, and fast-food restaurants commonly use these.

All the Business Signs You Need

Vital Sign Solutions provides a full range of signage solutions for all your needs and requirements. No need to work with other independent signage professionals because we do it all, from expert consultation to installation. We even offer repair and maintenance services so that you don’t have to spend on complete outdoor signage replacements prematurely. We’ve proudly honed our skills and craftsmanship over the years.

We aren’t afraid of change. We embrace it. Whenever there are new materials or machinery in the market that will improve our products and services, we’re always open to test them out before using them on your signs. We go the extra mile by thoroughly studying your business and conducting on-site evaluations to develop a fool-proof signage strategy.

Here at Vital Sign Solutions, we have a wide selection of outdoor signs like: corporate business signs that will help skyrocket your company’s success. Address signs, yard signs, a-frame signs, flags, hanging signs, sidewalk signs, blade signs, and awnings are just some of the exterior signs we specialize in.

Our Houston team will help you choose the right signage type, material, size, placement, finish, and other signage and design details that will work best for your marketing objectives, branding requirements, and budget. If you choose us as your go-to signage company in Houston, you can be sure that you’re in the right hands and that we are on the pulse of your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest aluminum, vinyl, Dibond, acrylic, Dura-Wood or PVC. What you need will depend on you and your business and our design team will work closely with you to determine the best material for your sign and its installation environment.

A typical illuminated project for exterior would be $3000-5000 but can vary based on complexity. Non illuminated signs (foam with acrylic) are about half the amount but can vary based on complexity.

Monument signs and pillar signs are higher costs based on fabrication costs, as well as installation. If you want a more detailed estimate, give us a call. 

Yes, sign permits are required from most municipalities for custom outdoor signs.

Depending on the needs of your project, this can vary quite a bit. We suggest you consult with our sign specialists to get an idea of the timeline for your outdoor signage