Dimensional Sign Letters
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Dynamic and eye-catching, custom dimensional letters signs and graphics are an excellent choice for businesses looking to stand out from the competition and catch customers’ eyes.

Also called ‘3D letters’ or raised letters, dimensional letters can be designed as custom text and shapes. They offer a real feeling of depth and add an element of creativity to an otherwise blank space.

For businesses looking to improve durability, visibility, and professional appearance, dimensional signage is the perfect solution.

At Vital Sign Solutions, we create branded dimensional letters that can help the business generate buzz around themselves. All types of companies can use dimensional letters as outdoor and indoor signage.

Vital Sign Solutions uses the right materials for the job to produce fantastic results. Our signs are molded or fabricated from strong, durable materials and offer excellent longevity. If you are looking to generate high visibility for your Houston business, we have the right dimensional signs for you!

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Captivating Storefront Signage

Storefront signs are always one of your business’s main exterior signs, acting as the face of your brand. You cannot go wrong with custom dimensional lettering. The visibility and appeal that dimensional sign letters provide can be beneficial for any business. They are installed right above the business’s frontage, in many cases, but they can also be mounted on monument signs, pole signs, and message boards. One of the closest kinds of signage to dimensional letters are channel letter signs.

Though 3D letters aren’t all illuminated, Vital Sign Solutions can include spotlights, backlighting, outline lighting, and LED lighting during fabrication to make the sign more versatile.

Engaging Indoor Lettering Signs

Dimensional sign letters are not only suitable for an attractive outdoor appearance; they can rejuvenate your interiors when used as lobby signs.

Appealing signs showcasing your brand’s logo in the reception and waiting rooms are an attractive feature. They help build confidence in the mind of visitors too. Custom dimensional signs used in reception or lobby areas have a lot of variety as their design can include your brand elements to display a wholesome appearance. Our dimensional lettering can be used as impactful and attractive directional signage as well. We offer a lot of mounting and lighting options too.

Despite the name “3D letters”, dimensional lettering solutions are not restricted to just letters; you can install logos, numbers, images, or a blend of elements mounted within or outside your commercial facility.

At Vital Sign Solutions, our team of experienced sign makers produces outstanding interior and exterior signs that will suit the distinct style of your brand. Dimensional letters are an excellent investment for your business, adding to your brand.

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Type of 3D Letters Materials We Offer

We fabricate dimensional lettering and graphics from a wide variety of materials that add to the design and increase the sign’s longevity. Signs can be produced from lightweight foam, plastic, acrylic, metal, and wood.

Plastic is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to its sturdy nature and affordability. Choose from materials like PVC, vinyl, acrylic, and coroplast for your outdoor signs.

Metal is one of the most preferred materials for interior signs because of its classy appeal and long-lasting nature. Typical metals used for sign making include bronze, brass, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Many business owners prefer light foam for attractive large-format letters; the material is lightweight, sturdy, durable, and extremely customizable. There are a lot of options to choose from, but don’t worry! Our experts will help you make the right decision about designs that will fulfill your business objectives without burning your pockets.

Full-Service Sign Company in Houston

Vital Sign Solutions is the one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We produce all types of custom business signs and graphics. Our dimensional letters, images, and logos will fulfill all your unique Houston business’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, it depends on the mounting methods you want to use to install the letters. 

This is a complex form of signage, we recommend you speak with a sign specialist to learn more. 

Metal letters made from aluminum, copper or stainless steel can be highly durable and weather resistant.

Plastics can be a cost-effective solution and can last far longer outdoors than most other materials. 

Turnaround for any custom sign is about 1-2 weeks.