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Do you want to increase your brand’s visibility without burning a hole in your pocket?

Vehicle wraps are great for exposing your brand and expanding your reach to a broader audience without having to cash out on other more expensive modes of advertising. Vital Sign Solutions can convert your company vehicles and transform them into moving billboards. This way, you can easily promote your products and services while doing daily work-related activities such as going to the office, transporting supplies, and delivering parcels. You can even generate thousands of impressions each day by simply parking in a crowded place. Indeed, vehicle wraps are fantastic investments that will bring lots of advantages to your business.

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The Power of Branded Fleet Vehicles

Aside from merely promoting the company, having branded fleet vehicles also affects your customers’ perceived trust and how they will treat your personnel. For example, when a homeowner requests a plumbing company’s services, they expect that employees would arrive using an official company vehicle. Seeing branded fleet vehicles gives customers a sense of security that said individuals are indeed representatives of your company, and they have your customers’ best interest at heart. As an effect, they would be more welcoming of them, and there’s a bigger chance that your company would get good customer feedback.

Vital Sign Solutions can help make your brand look legitimate, reliable, and professional with the help of our outstanding full-color fleet wraps. Besides company cars, we can also apply your ads on vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles, golf carts, lawnmowers, boats, jeeps, yachts, semi-trucks, and trailers, and so much more.

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Coverage Options for Every Budget

Whatever your budget or needs may be, Vital Sign Solutions will help you choose your company’s best type of coverage option. Don’t worry if you have a complicated or intricate design in mind because our Houston team has the talent to turn them into reality. 

To give you a better idea, here are options of available vehicle wraps in Houston, Texas:

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you want the most showstopping and impactful option, complete vehicle wraps are what you need. These cover the entire exterior of your vehicles, including bumpers, door panels, hoods, and mirrors. These are highly effective in delivering your messages at a moment’s glance, instilling your brand to patrons and potential customers.

This is made possible through digitally printed vinyl adhesives. These wraps give you endless opportunities to showcase your brand. Vehicle wraps for your business can be designed using your brand colors, and images reflect your company.

This can also include window coverage through perforated window films. This lets you add designs to your vehicle windows without obstructing your outside view.

As your trusted Houston sign company, we can supply vivid, durable, and fade-resistant wraps that will be useful for many years to come. As an added benefit, full fleet wraps provide a layer of protection to your vehicle’s original paint job. Thus, you can easily sell them for a higher price or convert them back to a regular vehicle if you want to.

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Partial Ad Wraps

If you don’t find the need to spend on full vehicle wraps but want to take your ads on the road, partial ad wraps are fantastic for your company. Partial fleet wraps highlight your vehicle’s special areas, such as tailgates, hoods, and door panels. With these, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of making your company-owned vehicles look legitimate and official.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

If you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to wraps that advertises your brand name, logo, slogan, and other essential information, go with vinyl vehicle graphics. Contrary to its name, letters, numbers, and special characters can be used as well. With these, you will have more flexibility when it comes to placement and positioning. 

Vinyl fleet graphics are not as attention-grabbing compared to wraps. However, they are still useful in solidifying your brand and improving your customer service. Despite not protecting your vehicle’s original paint job, rest assured that your individually cut vehicle graphics are made from the same high-quality materials. 

Vehicle Magnets

If you plan to invest in the most low-cost option to test out mobile billboards’ effectiveness or don’t have the budget for wraps, removable and reusable vehicle magnets are for you. These are also perfect for independent contractors who work for various companies, live in neighborhoods with strict ad restrictions, or use company cars on their days off and other non-work-related trips and errands. Despite not looking as seamless as wraps, vehicle magnets are still useful in advertising your brand and adding a customized touch to the vehicle.

Cohesive Wraps for All Vehicle Types

For your business to look professional, organized, and consistent, having vehicle wraps that are cohesive with each other and with your branding requirements are a must. Whether you want several wraps with a coherent theme or wraps that look the same, our team can do it all! We are dedicated to helping your business stand out from competitors and have more loyal customers through our signs. If you work with us, you can guarantee that all your wraps and graphics will have some uniformity to them so that customers can easily spot your brand, even though lots of our vehicles and advertisements surround it.

Impactful Ways to Use Vehicle Wraps in Houston

Vehicle wraps and graphics are one of the most effective marketing tools. It can be used to benefit your business in a multitude of ways.

Increase brand recognition.

The way vehicle wraps can be customized makes them ideal for building brand awareness. Branding your vehicles and going around different parts of Houston is sure to keep you top of mind.

Expand your market reach.

Vehicle vinyl wraps make it possible for you to reach a wider audience in Houston. They say that a single vehicle graphic can generate around 30,000-70,000 impressions daily. This translates to thousands of people potentially seeing your brand.

Compared to static signs, vehicle wraps let you take your brand wherever you go. This lets you reach even those who may not frequent your business location.

Advertise your products and services.

Digitally printed vinyl makes it possible to add product or service features to your vehicles. This is perfect for businesses that own larger vehicles like trucks, trailers, or vans.

Commercial vehicle wraps are effective in generating interest for your products or services. Seeing your signs on the road potentially influences a person’s buying impulses.

Your Full-Service Wrap Supplier and Sign Company in Houston

Vital Sign Solutions can be your go-to company for all your signage needs. From professional consultation to installation, we have the expertise and tools to complete them according to your expectations. We understand that there’s only a small timeframe for motorists and pedestrians to notice your fleet wraps and graphics. This is why our graphic artists always make it a point that your signage communicates the message to your target audience through impactful images and thought-provoking texts. With the help of our skilled installers, you can be confident that the wrap is flawlessly applied to all the grooves and details of your vehicle and that the final product is bubble-free and scratch-free.

If you are looking for the best vehicle wrap company, look no further. Our team is committed to providing excellent products with equally excellent customer service.

We also use the best vinyl materials for our wraps. This ensures your vehicles remain vibrant and attractive for years to come.

Aside from fleet wraps, we also offer a wide range of business sign solutions such as:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full wrap is around for a standard vehicle is $3000+ depending on the material, unique labor required and design. A fleet van, truck or larger vehicle can be higher for a full wrap. Many times, a partial wrap would be an appropriate solution from a design standpoint and cost between $1200 and 2500.  Spot graphics is the lowest cost solution and cost between $600 and $1200. 

Typically, vinyl manufacturers state 3 to 5 years on the sides and one year on horizontal surfaces in hot environments. It can even last longer provided it is maintained properly and is not exposed to direct sun and heat for a prolonged period.We don’t warranty horizontal graphics. 

Auto-wrap advertising is the practice of covering your vehicle in a vinyl wrap, essentially making your vehicle a mobile billboard. It helps in creating an impression with potential customers and showcase the personality of your business. We are experts in this space and can help any business with their unique branding and design approach. 

Wrapped vehicles should be washed once every two weeks. It should be washed using a mixture of cold water and mild car wash detergent (non-abrasive). Vehicles should be hand washed with soft sponge/non-abrasive cloth. Do not clean the vehicle with automatic car washes, as they will damage and lift the corners of the vinyl wrap. 

Do not wash the vehicle using hot water and/or petroleum or acid-based cleaning agents.

Cast vinyl is the industry premium and is highly durable. They are the best to use for complicated details and adjust to the contours of the vehicle easily. Cast vinyl retains color well and is easy to remove. 

Vinyl cast wrap are placed over the original paint of the vehicle and can be easily removed without having to worry about hurting your original vehicle.Remember, your wrap is only as good as your paint! 

With the right equipment and experience, it is easy to remove a vehicle wrap. When you need your wrap removed, be sure to give us a call so we can ensure it comes off without any issues.

When the vinyl starts to web and crack the wrap should be removed immediately to keep the wrap from adhering to the base paint.