Law Office Signage

Vital Sign Solutions can provide your office with the traditional aesthetic of cut bronze or brass signs, the current look of a stainless-steel sign, or something altogether new. Our legal office signs are perfect for entrances, lobbies, and outside signage.

What Is Law Office Signage?

Legal office signage is the visual communication used in law offices and other legal environments to communicate information. They promote the law firm’s brand and guide customers and visitors.

Signs displaying the name and location of the firm, directional signs to specific offices or conference rooms, and instructional signs about legal services and processes are examples of legal office signage.

Different Types of Custom Interior and Exterior Law Office Signage:

· Dimensional Lobby Logo Signs: Cut metal letters in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, and Cor-ten steel are metal signs for your Houston law office. We have brushed, polished, painted, and rusted finishes available.

· Panel Signs: Attach your logo or text on a panel to make your sign stand out. Panel signs are an excellent method to make your brand “pop” and are especially beneficial when mounting a sign on a tough surface such as stone tile or granite.

· Law Office Plaques: Metal plaques, particularly cast bronze plaques, are great for displaying the name and address of your clinic, and your practice name and address while conveying a sense of heritage and tradition.

· Vinyl Window Graphics and Personalized Door Office Sign: Display your logo, practice name, and lawyers’ names on your glass door using frosted or colored vinyl.

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Benefits of Metal Law Office Signs

Law firm signage notifies people around your office. They may see your sign as they walk or drive along the street and call you later if they want legal assistance. Signage that incorporates your characteristic colors and logo expands your branding by associating you with the designs.

Metal is the preferred material for legal metal signs. Metal in an office indicates many things to potential clients, whether we use metal laminate or genuine metal. It makes a strong statement. It’s associated with trust, honesty, and solidity. It is a material that is timeless, and there are several methods to produce the letters. To develop your trademark in a stylish manner, we offer water jet cutting, laser cutting, engraving, and routing services.

Hours of Operation Signs

One of the most popular door signs are ‘Hours of Operation’ signs. Whenever anyone is about to enter your store, the first thing they will glance at is you are open, especially if they are visiting outside of regular business hours. At Vital Sign Solutions, we produce professional vinyl hours of operation signs for all business types in Houston.

Hours of operation are the most basic information that customers need. Displaying this information at the front door makes it easier for them to enter or plan their visit.

Use temporary vinyl lettering for graphics that provide additional information such as holiday closures or special hours on certain days. These are easy to install and easy to remove. Hours of operation can also be integrated into other door and window signage to make it more convenient for customers to plan their visit. 

Your Go-to Sign Shop in Houston

Many legal firms have relied on Vital Sign Solutions to build the signage they need to stand out and boost their identity. We can assist you in creating your signage and locating whatever you require to strengthen your message efforts in your attorney’s office. To get started, contact us now. Call (346) 251-8365 to talk to one of our representatives about your signage needs today!

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