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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 12 million people over the age of 40 in the U.S. have some form of visual impairment. At Vital Sign Solutions, we understand the importance of ADA signs and assist customers with disabilities to navigate your premises safely and easily.

ADA compliant signs have to adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. If you are looking for signage solutions with tactile characters, visual characters, and braille,  and all types of Indoor /Outdoor signage we are the team for you. Our sign makers are always there to cater to your requirements and comply with the set regulations.

Vital Sign Solutions is a reliable sign manufacturer, supplier, and installer of attractive ADA signs that fulfill all legal requirements and complement your brand.

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Signs for the Visually Impaired

The sign makers at Houston produce high-quality, ADA-compliant indoor signs, including wayfinding signs, room identification signs, and more. Complying with the standards set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act, these signs help visually impaired customers navigate your facility safely.

Since millions of Americans have some form of visual impairment, your facility must be able to welcome them equally. High contrast, high visibility signs with excellent readability will help you achieve that. We offer various materials, fonts, colors, and design elements to ensure your signs and graphics reflect a cohesive brand identity.

Legally Compliant Signage

In some states, if a business is not fulfilling accessibility requirements, it is considered a violation of civil rights and can result in thousands of dollars in fines. In some industries, non-compliant business signs can lead to failed inspections, and businesses are refused a certificate of occupancy.

At Vital Sign Solutions in Houston, we know all the legal requirements, and our legally compliant business signage can protect clients. We provide all types of ADA signs, including safety signs, wayfinding signs, branding signs, and more.

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design covers many details like design, size, font usage, tactile copy, character size, location, color contrast, mounting height, and more. As one of the leading sign makers in Houston, we consider all these requirements and produce spectacular signs for our clients. Our expertise in the ADA sign-making industry allows us to deliver ADA signage that complies with the government’s highly specific standards. 

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The signage experts at Vital Sign Solutions work with you at every stage of the sign-making process. Instead of just producing standard ADA signs for your business, we can guide you to choose the best materials and keep you informed about design, production, placement, and installation.

We understand the complexities of producing high-quality ADA signs and the kind of impact they can have on a business. We want to build a long-term partnership and take your visual communication to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ADA signs are signs that are mandated by the Federal Government and stands for the Americans With Disabilities Act or “ADA”. These signs should be conveniently located and easy to read both visually and through physical touch. 

For an ADA sign to be compliant it should have, no glare, high contrast between characters and their background, high legibility, appropriate size of letters, appropriate placement of signs. 

According to ADA Standards for Accessible Designs (1994), signs with braille and raised characters are required for signs designating permanent rooms and spaces.

Your sign font should not be in italics or any form of script. It shouldn’t be oblique, highly decorative, or in any other unusual form. The idea is for it to be as easy to read as possible.All ADA font should be sans serif. Additionally, sizing, stroke and colors are requirements as well. 

Grade 2 Braille is required for text on tactile signs. Braille should be in lowercase with exceptions being proper names, letters as part of a room number, acronyms, the first word of sentences, or initials. Check your state laws for specific requirements. 

ADA signs are essential for two main reasons. First, they remove barriers for people with disabilities by making it easier and safer for visually impaired people, those with mobility issues, and seniors to navigate public facilities. Apart from the fact these people should be treated equally, it’s good for businesses to be accessible to everyone.

Reason number two is ADA signs are required by both state and federal law. Most businesses are required to be ADA-compliant. A company violating the requirements risks expensive lawsuits and heavy fines (up to $75,000 for the first violation under federal law and $150,000 for additional offenses). State and local governments may impose their own regulations and fines on top of these.

We provide all types of ADA indoor signage, including room identification, wayfinding, and safety signs. Government standards are very specific, and our detailed knowledge of them can help safeguard our clients against expensive non-compliance.

We will make sure the tactile display dimensions, font choice, and character height meet requirements. We make signs using non-reflective and non-glare materials with good contrast. Our experienced team will let you know the current location for the needed signage.

According to ADA requirements, restroom signs must be mounted so there are at least 48 inches between the floor and the bottom of the lowest tactile character and at most 60 inches between the floor and the top of the highest tactile character.

Additionally, the sign must be located on a wall next to the door on the strike (handle) side unless there is insufficient room, in which case it may be mounted in a clearly visible location on the nearest adjacent wall.

Signs must not be mounted on a door unless

  • There is insufficient room next to the door, and
  • There is no hold-open device on the door, and
  • The door opens inwards

Not all signs have to be ADA-compliant. Building addresses, directories, parking signs, and temporary signs (used for seven days or less) don’t need ADA compliance. ADA compliance doesn’t apply to advertising, marketing signs, company logos, or names. 

However, nearly all businesses are required to provide certain types of ADA-compliant signage. Examples of such signs include:

  • Directional signage
  • Identification signs for permanent rooms
  • Safety signs
  • Informational signs

There are very specific requirements for ADA bathrooms, including:

  • Toilet space must be at least 60 inches wide
  • Seat height must be between 17 and 19 inches
  • Sink high point must be 34 inches or less from the floor

and many more.

In terms of ADA signage for bathrooms, in addition to the positioning requirements listed above, here are some others:

  • Signs must use non-reflective materials and be visible from different angles
  • Highly contrasting colors must be used
  • Simple sans-serif fonts must be used (not bold, italic, oblique, or script)
  • Braille must be present below the text
  • Signs should use universal symbols (e.g., ISO 7001)