Things You Need To Know About Acrylic Signage

Custom acrylic lobby sign in Houston, TX by Vital Sign Solutions

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First impressions matter so much, your space should always be spotless. Using eye-catching acrylic signs to greet clients, customers, or visitors is one way to project a polished, professional, and consistent image.

Custom acrylic signs are aesthetically appealing and can be printed in full color with photographic quality, making them a cost-effective and effective marketing tool for your business or message. Acrylic signs are an excellent alternative for marketing your firm, displaying a corporate logo, or dividing rooms or offices.

Do you want to try out clear acrylic signs for your business? Vital Sign Solutions makes eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, and high-quality acrylic. Continue reading to learn more about acrylic signs.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Custom acrylic signs are made of a colorless, clear, and long-lasting polymer with the clarity of glass that’s formed into plastic sheets. Due to its adaptability, flexibility, toughness, and lightweight, it’s frequently chosen over glass, which is inherently more brittle. They may be printed in a variety of colors and add a clean, polished look to any area.

The front or rear side of the acrylic sign may be personalized by printing directly onto its surface using UV ink. It is possible to print simple characters, numbers, and symbols. A full-color corporate logo, as well as another image or photograph, can be used.

Acrylic may be cut into 3D logos, individual letters, digits, or shapes, creating a one-of-a-kind way to show a brand or message.

What Are the Different Types of Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are classified into 3 types: dimensional, flat, and illuminated:

· Dimensional Signs: Elevated from the ground and come in a range of forms and sizes

· Flat Signs: They’re just flat against the surface.

· Illuminated Signs: Internal illumination makes them visible even in low-light circumstances.

The Benefits of Acrylic Signs

What advantages do these signs provide? Find out below:

· Durability: Due to their capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions and regular use, they’re appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, e.g., acrylic door signs.

· Versatility: Outdoor acrylic signs are readily cut, molded, and engraved, allowing you personalized forms and designs to fit your tastes.

· Clarity: These indicators are extremely clear and transparent. This makes it suitable for successfully displaying pictures and text.

· Lightweight: Acrylic office signs are lightweight, despite their toughness, making them easy to handle, install, and carry.

Houston’s Trusted Acrylic Sign Makers

The signage you put up influences your customers’ minds. Vital Sign Solutions guarantees high-quality sign solutions! We’re an experienced acrylic sign company that can help you with your signage needs. We create, manufacture, and install signage that accurately portrays your business. Call us right now at (346) 251-8365 to arrange a meeting with one of our sign professionals!