What Are the Different Types of Indoor Signs?

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Signage can influence the way customers perceive your business. When your customers walk into your space, it is important to create a comfortable atmosphere that will make them want to come back for more. Through custom indoor signs, you leave your visitors with a positive brand perception.

Functional Interior Business Signs

While exterior signs invite your target audience in, interior signs help build customer connections that will make them want to stay. Aside from welcoming customers to your facility, these signs are great for accessibility, navigation as well as adding aesthetic value.

5 Types of Indoor Signs for Better Business Impression

While there is plenty of indoor signage to choose from, here are some options that will make a difference in your business:

Lobby/Reception Signs

Lobby signs are the first thing that greets your customers when they enter your facility. These signs come in different forms, from acrylic signs, lighted channel letters to wall graphics.

Lobby signs are perfect for creating a lasting impression as well as reinforcing your brand in Houston, TX.

Wayfinding Signs

One way to make sure that customers have a positive experience when they visit your store is through wayfinding signs. These allow customers to easily find their way in and around your space. This allows for a more efficient and pleasant business transaction.

Wayfinding signs are commonly used to direct visitors toward key areas in your store or office. This can include signs to the comfort room, elevators, customer service desks, check-out counters, and the like. 

Floor Graphics

Probably one of the most underrated interior signs, floor graphics add a lot of value to your business signs. These durable vinyl graphics make use of your wide floor space to convey important messages.

Floor graphics can be used to mark unsafe areas, direct customer traffic, and even promote products and services.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great way to transform blank spaces into marketing tools that can boost your brand. Vinyl murals can be custom-made to virtually any design, improving your overall business space.

These are great for increasing brand awareness, displaying important company information, or promoting products and events.

ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires certain custom indoor signs to accommodate persons with disabilities. While it may be the law, adding ADA signs promotes inclusivity and shows that you want each customer to feel comfortable in your business space.

A Sign Company You Can Trust

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